See what a NuNormal can look like with NUCALA

During an 8-month clinical study of people with HES who were treated with 300 mg of NUCALA:

Proven protection from flares


of patients did NOT have any flares vs 44% with placebo*† of patients
did NOT have any flares vs 44% with placebo*†

NUCALA reduced the number of future flares by 66%

*Based on limits of the analysis, results are descriptive and your experience may differ.

28% of people taking NUCALA had one or more flares or withdrew from the study, compared to 56% of people not taking NUCALA. Flares defined as worsening of signs/symptoms of HES or increase in blood eosinophil levels (on at least 2 exams) that required an increase in steroids and/or other HES therapy.

Patients on NUCALA also experienced:


Less fatigue

Patients on NUCALA reported an improvement in fatigue.

Results may vary.

In a study, patients reported an improvement in their worst level of fatigue compared to those not taking NUCALA.


Reduced symptoms

NUCALA helps reduce HES-related symptoms and flares.

Results may vary.

Talk to your doctor to see if NUCALA is right for you.

Common questions about NUCALA

  • What is NUCALA?

    NUCALA is a prescription medicine for the treatment of hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES) in people who are 12 years old or older. NUCALA helps reduce HES symptoms and prevent flares.

    Is NUCALA a steroid?

    • It’s not a steroid like prednisone; it’s a biologic
    • It is the first approved treatment for patients with HES that targets eosinophils, a type of white blood cell that is elevated in HES

    It is not fully understood how NUCALA works. 

  • What else should you know about NUCALA?

    Eosinophils are a normal part of your immune system, but in higher numbers, they can lead to inflammation. NUCALA helps reduce eosinophils in the blood, so it treats a source of HES.


    It is not fully understood how NUCALA works.


    Do not use NUCALA if you are allergic to mepolizumab or any of the ingredients in NUCALA.


    See risks and side effects

  • Why would your doctor recommend NUCALA?

    Your current treatment may not be addressing the underlying cause of your HES: eosinophils. NUCALA specifically targets eosinophils, which are elevated in HES.


    Talk to Your Doctor

  • What’s the next step?

    HES affects people differently, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about all of your symptoms. Your doctor can determine which symptoms may be related to HES.

    • Tell your doctor everything you’re doing to manage your symptoms, and talk about how they are affecting your life
    • Ask your doctor if NUCALA could help treat your HES

Could NUCALA be right for you?