Talking to your doctor

Doing everything you can for your HES and it still isn’t enough?

At your next appointment, talk about:

The times when your HES symptoms get worse or a blood test has shown an increase in blood eosinophil levels. Your doctor may want to change your HES therapy.

How you’re feeling

The times when you notice your symptoms more. HES affects people differently, and symptoms can affect any part of the body

HES therapy

Ask your doctor about your treatment options for HES

Ask your doctor about NUCALA

As you learn about NUCALA, you’ll realize that it’s a different kind of medicine. It’s not a steroid like prednisone; it’s a biologic. NUCALA is a series of 3 100-mg injections you receive every 4 weeks in your doctor’s office or take at home.

Preparing for your first treatment

Steps for filling your prescription and getting your first dose of NUCALA.

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