Your healthcare team is your first line of support when you start NUCALA. But many other resources are available to help you start and stay on your treatment with NUCALA as prescribed.


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Our representatives can:

  • Answer questions about your insurance plan's coverage* of NUCALA.
  • Help you understand your out-of-pocket cost for NUCALA.
  • Check your eligibility and share how to apply for the $0 Co-pay Program.

*Gateway to NUCALA cannot guarantee coverage; be sure to verify the information provided by your health plan.


Once your healthcare provider has completed the Services Request form (English version or use the Spanish version), you can check on the status of your enrollment by contacting Gateway to NUCALA or your Case Manager.


How to enroll:

Call Gateway to NUCALA to enroll, or download and complete a Services Request form (English version or use the Spanish version) and bring it to your doctor's office.

$0 Co-pay Program:

Even with insurance coverage, it may be difficult to cover your co-payments. That's why the $0 Co-pay Program for NUCALA helps insured patients with their co-payments. The NUCALA Co-pay Program helps eligible approved patients with their out-of-pocket costs for NUCALA up to $15,000 for 12 months. If approved, you could pay as little as $0 for NUCALA. 

Medicare-eligible patients and patients enrolled in government-funded programs are not eligible for the NUCALA Co-pay Program. 

Click here for full Program Terms & Conditions


How to enroll:

You can enroll in the $0 Co-pay Program in one of the following 4 ways:


  1. Download the Services Request form (English version or use the Spanish version) and bring it to your healthcare provider's office.
  2. Complete the Services Request form (English version or use the Spanish version) available at your healthcare provider's office.
  3. Call the Gateway to NUCALA at 1-844-4-NUCALA  (1-844-468-2252).
  4. Enroll online at

Contact 1-844-4-NUCALA (844-468-2252) to get started.

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Your dedicated support

Once your healthcare provider has prescribed NUCALA for your EGPA, a Case Manager for NUCALA can help answer questions you may have. Enroll today to get connected with a Case Manager. They're here to make this process easier.


To contact a Case Manager for NUCALA, call:
1-833-844-EGPA (3472)
Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET

Understanding your prescription coverage.

The cost of NUCALA varies depending on your individual insurance plan. That's why understanding your insurance is important. If the product is covered by your plan, your insurance will generally pay part of the cost, and you pay the remainder out of pocket and your co-pay.


If you are uninsured and meet certain eligibility requirements, you may qualify for the Patient Assistance Program, which offers free medicines to eligible patients.


Patients with Medicare Part D or other insurance can also qualify under certain circumstances. Call 1-844-4-NUCALA (844-468-2252) to understand your options.