NUCALA is a different kind of treatment for EGPA

It's the first and only FDA-approved treatment for EGPA and may help you achieve remission.

NUCALA is a biologic, NOT a steroid. It’s 3 injections you take every 4 weeks in addition to your current treatment plan. You can get your NUCALA injections in your doctor’s office or take them at home.

Check out NUCALA’s stats

Patients who added NUCALA to their current EGPA medicines spent a significantly longer time in remission by the end of the 1-year study. And more patients had fewer relapses and a lower daily dose of oral steroids as well.

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Longer time in complete remission*

32% of NUCALA patients remained in remission at 36 and 48 weeks, compared to 3% not taking NUCALA

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50% fewer relapses

NUCALA patients had 1.14 relapses/year compared to 2.27 relapses/year in patients not taking NUCALA

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Lower dose of oral steroids

59% of NUCALA patients lowered their dose of oral steroids compared to 34% not taking NUCALA.‡§

18% of NUCALA patients completely eliminated oral steroids compared to 3% not taking NUCALA.§||

Results may vary.

*"Complete remission" was defined as no active vasculitis and a prednisone or prednisolone dose less than or equal to 4 mg per day.

"Relapse" was defined as worsening symptoms that required increased steroid dose, and/or increase in dose or start of immunosuppressants, and/or hospitalization.

Reduced steroid dose to ≤7.5 mg in the last 4 weeks of treatment.

§Based on the limits of the study, the results are descriptive, and your experience may or may not be the same.

||Eliminated oral steroids in the last 4 weeks of treatment. NUCALA, 18% vs placebo, 3%.

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The word on NUCALA

Hear from real people about their journeys with EGPA and their experiences with NUCALA.

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What else should I know about NUCALA?

Eosinophils are a normal part of your immune system, but in higher numbers, they can cause inflammation. NUCALA helps treat EGPA by reducing eosinophils in the blood.

It is not fully understood how NUCALA works.

Why would my doctor recommend NUCALA?

Most patients with EGPA are first treated with corticosteroids, such as prednisone. Some patients taking corticosteroids are able to achieve remission, but some may experience relapses and require additional medicines to treat their EGPA.

When NUCALA is added to your current treatment plan, it can help reduce your symptoms and flares related to EGPA.

Results may vary.

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Interested in NUCALA? Here’s what to do next

If you’re wondering whether NUCALA can help reduce your EGPA symptoms and flares, start by talking to your doctor. We’ll help you get started:

num 1Ask your doctor about blood testing to help see if you have EGPA.

num 2Tell your doctor everything you’re doing to manage your EGPA, and talk about how it’s affecting your life.

num 3Ask your doctor if adding NUCALA to your current treatment plan could help treat your EGPA.