NUCALA is a different kind of treatment for nasal polyps

NUCALA is a non-surgical treatment to help reduce your symptoms of CRSwNP (like nasal congestion, nasal discharge, mucus in the throat, and loss of smell) and help prevent the need for surgery.


NUCALA is a biologic, NOT a steroid. It's an injection you take every 4 weeks in addition to your current treatment plan. You can get your NUCALA injection in your doctor’s office or take it at home.  

Check out the results

NUCALA was proven to reduce*:

Nose icon

Size of nasal polyps

Nasal congestion icon

Nasal congestion

Repeat surgery icon

Need for repeat surgery

*When added to current nasal polyp medicines.

In a clinical study, people on NUCALA* also experienced:

Quality of life icon

Improved quality of life

After taking NUCALA, people reported improved quality of life,† including nasal symptoms, ear and facial symptoms, fatigue, sleep, and overall emotional impact

Nasal polyp symptom improvement icon

Symptom improvement

NUCALA improved nasal polyp symptoms like nasal blockage, runny nose, throat mucus, and loss of smell

Steroid reduction icon

Steroid reduction

NUCALA reduced the need for steroids

*Added to current nasal polyp medicines.

Effect on individual symptoms was studied but not definitively proven.

Oral or injectable steroids.

What else should I know about NUCALA?

Eosinophils are a normal part of your immune system, but in higher numbers, they can cause inflammation. NUCALA helps reduce eosinophils in the blood, so it treats a source of inflammation. Inflammation can play a role in CRSwNP.

It is not fully understood how NUCALA works.

Why would my doctor recommend NUCALA?

Your current treatment may not be controlling your symptoms and not addressing a source of inflammation contributing to your nasal polyps: eosinophils. NUCALA specifically targets eosinophils, a driver of inflammation in nasal polyps.

Interested in NUCALA? Here’s what to do next

Nasal polyps affect people differently, so it's important to talk to your doctor about all of your symptoms. Tell your doctor everything you're doing to manage your symptoms, and talk about how they are affecting your life. Ask if adding NUCALA could help treat your nasal polyps.

NUCALA Autoinjector

At home. On your time.

Curious about taking your medication at home? Learn about a once-monthly,§ at-home option.

§Every 4 weeks.

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